Get the App

A key benefit of the Magnitude business App is that is has already been developed and it’s constantly being improved. For new clients, we will scope your unique requirements and configure our App to suit your needs, giving you a personalised and branded App in a relatively short time.

This means that you can avoid the cost and drawn-out development and testing time often required to develop a brand-new App. Our technology is tried and tested and our project scoping is extensive, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you launch your version of the Magnitude App for your business.

Have a look at our process and contact us for more information.

Value-for-Money Business Contracts

When you partner with Magnitude to get an app for your business, you’re assured of a commercial agreement that offers clear service standards, cost-effective solutions and no undesirable terms and conditions:

  • Your business needs are the top priority
  • Most contracts have a 30-day termination clause, so if we don’t deliver good service and effective technology, we stand to lose your business
  • We scope your requirements carefully and work with you to ensure that the app meets your needs at the ‘go-live’ date
  • Your business activities on Magnitude are mapped and tested to ensure efficiency
  • As your business evolves, we ensure that the Magnitude app changes accordingly
  • We charge a once-off start-up fee, followed by a monthly subscription fee
  • We charge a marginal fee for further add-on features
  • We share all ongoing development and enhanced functionality with you, so you benefit as we develop and improve our base product
  • You enjoy dedicated service from an Account Manager who gets your business up and running with Magnitude and assists you when required

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