What is Magnitude?

Magnitude is an affordable business App that we configure to suit your unique requirements. It’s designed to enable collaboration, enhance businesses processes, improve customer service and ultimately drive business growth higher.

What IT do I need for Magnitude?

Magnitude runs on any smart phone or Windows system. It can also integrate with your existing systems and work with web apps, Android, iOS, Windows and third-party applications.

What can Magnitude do?

Depending on your needs, a Magnitude App can do the following things for you and your business:

  • Create forms, files and messages to be accessed via phone or laptop by other stakeholders
  • Send customised SMS or email messages, with embedded time and date stamps, as well as a Geo-location link to show where and when forms or files are captured or updated
  • Send SMS or email messages with QR codes or embedded links to mini-websites
  • Enable third parties to submit feedback, complaints and suggestions – quickly and easily from a mobile device
  • Enable you to manage and analyse data to monitor business processes and service standards
  • Different user levels enable controlled access and activity tracking
  • A Magnitude App is ideal for a business wanting customised solutions for a high degree of human interaction and collaboration
How can Magnitude help me and my business?

Magnitude is an existing tool that is adapted to suit your needs. This makes it affordable and quick to establish. It’s also simple to use and easy to understand. Magnitude Apps are designed to assist you to monitor and improve customers service, communicate better, collaborate more easily and manage or analyse data securely.

How has Magnitude helped other businesses?

Here is a brief overview of business solutions provided by a Magnitude App:

  • Quality Control / Service Delivery
    • Notify customers of work done, products delivered and services provided
    • Message customers to provide a service update
    • Message customers to request a post-service rating
    • Facilitate easy customer feedback and complaints logging
  • Employee, Supplier and Customer Communication
    • Poll employees and customers for updates, suggestions and problem resolution
    • Send messages to contractors, provide online forms and track work tasks
    • Connect with customers to provide information, tips and advice
    • Track employee activity and check where employees are working with geo-locations and time stamps
    • Roll out query forms for employees, suppliers, contractors and customers
    • Use online forms and notices for different internal teams to track and monitor project progress
    • Send and receive time and date stamped images to check store merchandise, technical installations, construction projects and equipment status
    • Use forms and online pictures for inspections and compliance audits
  • CMS Solutions
    • Magnitude lets you create a central database
    • Magnitude lets you create a customised Capture Form
    • Magnitude lets you create a tailored SMS / Email
    • Magnitude lets you create a Response Form
    • Magnitude Apps offer branded solutions to complement your corporate identity
    • Magnitude shows new users App slides to explain what they need to do
    • Magnitude enables direct feedback reports
    • Magnitude enables collaboration and connections with individuals or groups of people
    • Magnitude lets you create activities and users
What are some benefits of using a Magnitude App?
  • Information pushed out or pulled in gives you perspective about the state of your business
  • Magnitude helps you distribute information, gather input and acquire feedback from your key stakeholders
  • Magnitude facilitates internal reporting
  • Magnitude creates real-time insight into business processes
  • Magnitude is an effective management tool to track critical business activities
  • Magnitude enables data analysis to identify trends
  • Magnitude delivers unbiased information
  • Magnitude highlights problems and enables quick exception management
  • Magnitude makes data, contact and information readily available, on any device and in any location
Do I need expensive software or IT development to use Magnitude?

No, Magnitude adapts existing software to suit your unique needs. This saves on development costs and enables a relatively quick roll-out of Magnitude in your business.

What do I need or do to get a Magnitude App?

You have two options:

  1. Choose a full-service option where we do all the technical work and deliver a tailored solution
  2. Access the Magnitude CMS System and create your own applications – we’ll give you initial training and ongoing online support to help you succeed
Is Magnitude a once-off solution?

No, implementing Magnitude is an ongoing process. Once you’ve started, you’re able to fine-tune your processes and add extra items to get the most out of the Magnitude offering.

  • Internal Implementation is supported by Magnitude’s customisable introductory presentation that lets new users walk through the App, to ensure that they know what it is and what they need to do. This helps to get buy-in from employees and other new users. An acceptance form which follows the mini-App presentation gives new users the opportunity to make suggestions, to rate the process and to inform the business of their ability to adopt and use the App meaningfully.
  • External Implementation is supported by Magnitude’s customisable communication tools. Clear instructions, links, forms and feedback are provided to ensure that personalised communication is possible with suppliers, customers and other third parties. Using a Magnitude App is simple, uncomplicated, secure and convenient.
Is Magnitude a secure solution?

Yes, Magnitude uses cloud storage, passwords, Windows Firewalls, a Remote Desktop Port, SQL, virus protection and data back-up. We host your data in the UK on a Microsoft Azure server, under strict international security protocols.

I already have an existing system – can I still use a Magnitude App?

Yes, Magnitude has a built-in database integration module so we can link it to your existing systems to avoid any duplication in business processes. Whether you capture data in your own bespoke solution or directly in Magnitude, it is up to you to decide. Information can be automatically populated in both systems, enabling Magnitude to function as per your unique requirements.  Rest assured that our technical team can explain the process, either in simple terms or in highly technical details, as and when required.

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