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What is Magnitude?

In today’s competitive business world, successful companies need mobile apps and smart business tools to connect with customers and ensure that their business processes are efficient and effective.  Magnitude helps all businesses – small and large. Talk to us about a tailored App to enable collaboration, enhance business processes, improve customer service and ultimately boost your business growth.

Engage Stakeholders

Engage Stakeholders

We use our technology to configure a branded, customised and secure App that lets you connect with 3rd parties within your business processes: customers, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders. Online web and mobile capability lets you set up a contact database, send business forms, perform assessments, request feedback, distribute business templates and manage all related business data.

Manage Your Business Activities

Manage Your Business Activities

Your Magnitude business App gives you real-time insight into your operations for optimal performance. Let Magnitude be your business dashboard with real-time information. Stay in touch with stakeholders and keep abreast of critical events to improve your customer service and fine-tune your business processes. Magnitude will support you to operate efficiently and save costs.

Get Customer Feedback

Pull External Feedback

Engage external stakeholders with your business processes with SMSs, QR codes and embedded URL links. By being better connected with customers and suppliers, you can assess your service delivery and implement operational efficiencies to drive your business forward. Save time and money and capture up-sell opportunities. Magnitude is a trusted quality management tool, ideal for mobile or web-based access in an office or field environment

Magnitude Internal Push Process

Engaging Stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagement is all about involving the relevant parties in making business decisions that relate to them. Magnitude simplifies stakeholder engagement with tools to gather, manage and analyse. Regardless of your objective or business industry, Magnitude enables you to GATHER information from multiple sources, MANAGE feedback effectively and ANALYSE the outcomes.

Designed around the most important player in each of your business processes, Magnitude enables your business to get feedback from those key stakeholders who are on the receiving end of the process. This valuable information can indicate problem areas and assist with exception management, indicating exactly where more engagement is required. Using Magnitude, employees can address concerns with remedial action. Everything is date and time stamped and geo-located so that all activity can be tracked and monitored. In this way, Magnitude can assist you constantly to improve your business operations and service standards.

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Key Benefits

Collaboration & Quality Management

Magnitude enables internal and external collaboration, providing insight into business processes and customer satisfaction.

Robust Security Protocols

Magnitude uses cloud storage, passwords, Windows Firewalls, a Remote Desktop Port, SQL, virus protection and data back-up.

Gather Insight and Feedback

Request information, capture data and get feedback from all key stakeholders in your business community.

Easy Integration & Application

Using our open API module, Magnitude can integrate with your existing systems and third-party applications. This allows the pull and push of relevant data through Magnitude for usage in dashboards, ERP systems and other software.

Manage Business Processes

Respond to messages, issue notifications and resolve exceptions to streamline your business processes and improve service.

Analyse Business Efficiencies

Use data generated by Magnitude to track and measure your operational failure and success. Data is CSV downloadable.

What we’ve done for our clients…

Magnitude helped a car service company with a business App that enables customers to give feedback about their vehicle service via a personalised SMS and emailed message. Head Office uses Magnitude data from client feedback to monitor how their 60 franchise outlets are performing and monitors how customer complaints are being managed. The App helps improve customer service and ultimately helps to enhance the brand’s reputation.
Magnitude helped a construction company with a business App that enables engineers and on-site staff to load information, forms and photos via the App. Project Managers and the client receive regular reports and real-time updates. The App enables collaboration and Quality Management. It also helps save costs as rolling progress reports and quality checks can be done without all parties needing to conduct site visits.
Magnitude helped a Telecoms company with a business App that enables clients to report technical faults via the App. The company also uses a bulk SMS facility to notify clients of problems and resolution updates. The App ensures cost-effective communication and centralised fault logging. The App has helped to save costs as a Call Centre is no longer required to manage fault logging and customer contact.
Magnitude helped an environmental manufacturing company with a business App that enables office staff to assign tasks and projects to technicians nationwide. The App allows projects to be registered, technical service reports to be submitted and quality checks to be completed. The App has helped staff issue job cards, monitor work-flow, track quality and ensure compliance with relevant standards through a single online form per project.
Magnitude helped a hospitality company with a business App that enables hotel and resort guests to complete customer feedback questionnaires via SMS or email.  The App enables user-friendly interaction with local and international guests. Information gathered is used to evaluate the client’s experience, address concerns and improve customer service.  The App gives insight into service standards and has assisted in customer satisfaction and client retention.
Magnitude helped a retail and merchandising company with a business App that tracks when staff clock in and out for work. The App monitors work attendance for merchandisers and is used by sales teams, managers and payroll staff across South Africa.  The App enables user-friendly logs while reporting functionality assists managers to track working hours. Payroll personnel are equipped to pay merchandisers timely and accurately.
Magnitude helped a local Rigging and Rope Access company with a business App that ensures safety management and legal compliance with prevailing health and safety regulations. The App operates a Site Rigging Register which tracks site safety compliance and safety equipment deployment. The App also feeds into the company’s compliance auditing, equipment requisition and administration processes. The paperless App incorporates photos, checklists and data input.

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